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Vindication Files: Focus on Health

Because there is so much misinformation on matters of health, the Vindication Files (see ) has this special blog devoted to good information on health issues that affect you.

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DISCLAIMER: This site is for personal information purposes and research purposes only. Opinions on health news in the media are offered, but NOTHING HERE IS INTENDED TO BE MEDICAL ADVICE OR A SUBSTITUTE FOR SEEKING MEDICAL ADVICE OR MEDICAL ATTENTION WHEN WARRANTED. Please use common sense when reading health information and see a doctor for specific conditions. This site is not a substitute for medical care.

NOTE ON FAIR USE All documents are cited and used under Fair Use principles and this site is for educational purposes. This site has no commercial intent whatsoever. If you are the owner of the material cited and wish it removed, please contact the Editors through the Tumblr mechanisms and we will honor your request, though why you would want to limit exposure to ideas we are (usually) lauding is beyond us. All use is credited and we are not claiming credit for any material cited.

Feb 9 '13